Setup for 2 Player a Game of Food Chain Magnate

Originally generated on 3/14/2020 5:04:11 PM
A direct link to this setup is$2a$04$Qiowe01pUXhj9/2bXrlrAO

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Selected Expansion Modules

Ketchup Milestone

Player Setup

Turn Tracker
Fried Geese & Donkey
Last to place
1st restaurant
Golden Duck Diner
First to place
1st restaurant

Other Setup

Map (Broken Roads)

Click here to view Map Tile Lettering Key

Tile H not rotated Tile F rotated clockwise once (90 degrees) Tile N rotated clockwise once (90 degrees)
Tile E rotated clockwise once (90 degrees) Tile G not rotated Tile K rotated clockwise once (90 degrees)
Tile D rotated clockwise three times (270 degrees) Tile I rotated clockwise twice (180 degrees) Tile Q rotated clockwise twice (180 degrees)

Map Stats

Map Option = Broken Roads
Total Number of Tiles = 9
Total Number of Starting Houses = 7
Total Number of Beer Spots = 2
Total Number of Soda Spots = 1
Total Number of Lemonade Spots = 0
Total Number of Drink Spots = 3
Number of independent path systems = 6
Number of independent neighborhoods = 6