Setup for 3 Player a Game of Food Chain Magnate

Originally generated on 11/24/2022 10:55:37 PM EST
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Selected Expansion Modules


Player Setup

Turn Tracker
Fried Geese & Donkey
Last to place
1st restaurant
Gluttony Inc. Burgers Golden Duck Diner
First to place
1st restaurant

Other Setup

Map (Dehydration Land)

Click here to view Map Tile Lettering Key

Tile A not rotated Tile J rotated clockwise twice (180 degrees) Tile G rotated clockwise twice (180 degrees) Tile D not rotated
Tile H rotated clockwise three times (270 degrees) Tile Q not rotated Tile R not rotated Tile C not rotated
Tile I rotated clockwise once (90 degrees) Tile F not rotated Tile K rotated clockwise twice (180 degrees) Tile B not rotated

Map Stats

Map Option = Dehydration Land
Total Number of Tiles = 12
Total Number of Starting Houses = 10
Total Number of Beer Spots = 0
Total Number of Soda Spots = 2
Total Number of Lemonade Spots = 0
Total Number of Drink Spots = 2
Number of independent path systems = 2
Number of independent neighborhoods = 13