Setup for 2 Player a Game of Gaia Project

Originally generated on 3/18/2020 10:41:55 PM
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Setup Option Type = PreConfigured

Player Setup

Seat 1
- Starting player
- First to Place a Structure
- Last to draft a Boost tile
Seat 2
- Last player
- Last to Place a Structure
- First to draft a Boost tile
Player 2 Player 1
Faction: Xenos
Faction: Hadsch Hallas
Hadsch Hallas

Research Tech Tile Setup

Advanced Tech Tiles Federation Tile 4 Lost Mine Tile        
Advanced Tech Tile 1 Advanced Tech Tile 15 Advanced Tech Tile 11 Advanced Tech Tile 2 Advanced Tech Tile 7 Advanced Tech Tile 6
Basic Tech Tiles Basic Tech Tile 5 Basic Tech Tile 6 Basic Tech Tile 2 Basic Tech Tile 7 Basic Tech Tile 9 Basic Tech Tile 8
Basic Tech Tile 4 Basic Tech Tile 1 Basic Tech Tile 3

Scoring Tile Setup

Round Scoring Tiles Round Score Tile 1 Round Score Tile 10 Round Score Tile 9 Round Score Tile 7 Round Score Tile 8 Round Score Tile 4
End Game Scoring Tiles Place neutral satellite on space 6   End Game Score Tile 4
Place neutral satellite on space 11   End Game Score Tile 6

Other Setup

Boost Tiles Boost Tile 4 Boost Tile 10 Boost Tile 3 Boost Tile 8 Boost Tile 2

Map Setup

Bold Map 01 Outline Map 05 Bold Map 02 Bold Map 03 Outline Map 06 Bold Map 04 Outline Map 07