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Setup for 4 Player a Game of Gaia Project

Generated on 7/9/2024 9:58:02 PM EST
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Setup Option Type = Random

Player Setup

Seat 1
- Starting player
- First to Place a Structure
- Last to draft a Boost tile
Seat 2 Seat 3 Seat 4
- Last player
- Last to Place a Structure
- First to draft a Boost tile
Player 4 Player 3 Player 2 Player 1
Faction: Ivits
Faction: Geodens
Faction: Gleens
Faction: Ambas

Research Tech Tile Setup

Advanced Tech Tiles Federation Tile 2 Lost Mine Tile        
Advanced Tech Tile 2 Advanced Tech Tile 14 Advanced Tech Tile 10 Advanced Tech Tile 5 Advanced Tech Tile 4 Advanced Tech Tile 13
Basic Tech Tiles Basic Tech Tile 5 Basic Tech Tile 9 Basic Tech Tile 6 Basic Tech Tile 2 Basic Tech Tile 3 Basic Tech Tile 8
Basic Tech Tile 1 Basic Tech Tile 4 Basic Tech Tile 7

Scoring Tile Setup

Round Scoring Tiles Round Score Tile 6 Round Score Tile 8 Round Score Tile 2 Round Score Tile 10 Round Score Tile 9 Round Score Tile 1
End Game Scoring Tiles End Game Score Tile 2
End Game Score Tile 1

Other Setup

Boost Tiles Boost Tile 10 Boost Tile 3 Boost Tile 4 Boost Tile 2 Boost Tile 8 Boost Tile 7 Boost Tile 1

Map Setup

Bold Map 04 Bold Map 03 Bold Map 01 Bold Map 09 Bold Map 06 Bold Map 05 Bold Map 08 Bold Map 02 Bold Map 07 Bold Map 10

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