Setup for 4 Player a Game of Pandemic

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Game Mode = Regular
Skill Level = Normal
Included Modules = [Base], [On The Brink: Mutation], [On The Brink: Bio-Terrorist], [On The Brink: Virulent Strain], [State of Emergency: Quarantines], [State of Emergency: Hinterlands Challenge], [State of Emergency: Emergency Event Challenge]

Player Setup

Player Number Turn Order Role
Player 1 Seat 1 (Starting player) On the Brink: Bio-Terrorist
Player 2 Seat 2 Base: Researcher
Player 4 Seat 3 Base: Contingency Planner
Player 3 Seat 4 Base: Scientist

Custom Setup Sequence

  1. Place the board in the center of the table within easy reach of all players
    1. [Hinterlands Challenge] Place the Hinterlands boards next to the main board
    2. [Hinterlands Challenge] On the main board, place the 18 colored disks on the cities connected to the 4 Hinterlands areas, matching their colors.
  2. Place 1 Research Station in Atlanta and the other 5 nearby in the supply area
  3. Separate the disease cubes by color and place them nearby in the supply area
  4. Place the Outbreaks marker on the “0” space of the Outbreaks Track
  5. Place the 4 Cure Markers (vial side up) under their respective discovered Cure Indicators
    1. [Mutation] [Bio-Terrorist] Place the purple Cure Marker under its Indicator and the 12 disease cubes in the supply
    2. [Mutation] Place the 2 On the Brink Mutation cards in the Infection Discard pile.
  6. Place the Infection Rate marker on the 1st “2” space of the Infection Track
  7. Choose your game’s difficulty level; Easy, Standard, Heroic, Legendary
  8. Shuffle all the Infection cards and flip over the top 3, place 3 disease cubes of the matching color on each of these cities.
  9. Flip over 3 more cards, place 2 disease cubes on each of these cities
  10. Flip over 3 more cards, place 1 disease cube on each of these cities
    1. [Hinterlands Challenge] Place 1 disease cube in each of matching color in each of the Hinterlands areas
  11. [Bio-Terrorist] Deal 2 Infection cards to the Bio-Terrorist
  12. Place the 9 revealed Infection cards face up into the Infection Discard Pile.
  13. Place the remaining Infection card face down in the Infection Deck space.
  14. Give each player an Actions reference card
  15. Give each player their assigned Role Card (see grid above)
    1. [Bio-Terrorist] Give the Bio-Terrorist player the black pawn, a folded Location sheet and a pencil. The black pawn begins off the board
  16. Place the matching colored pawns for these roles in Atlanta.
  17. Remove the remaining Role cards from the game.
  18. [Quarantines] Put 4 Quarantine markers in the supply (6 if using the Colonel role)
  19. Remove the Epidemic cards from the Player Deck and set them aside.
  20. Shuffle all of the Event cards and place 8 Event cards into the Player Deck.
  21. Put any unused Event cards back in the box without looking at them.
  22. [Mutation] Add the 3 Mutation Event cards to the Player Deck
  23. Shuffle the remaining cards in the Player Deck (City and Events)
  24. Deal 2 cards to each player to form their starting hand.
  25. Divide the Player Deck into 5 facedown piles (for Normal mode), as equal in size as possible
  26. Place 1 Epidemic card into each mini-deck and shuffle each one individually.
    1. [Virulent Strain] Replace the standard Epidemic cards with Virulent Strain Epidemic cards, using the same rules as above.
    2. [Emergency Event Challenge] Shuffle all of the Emergency Event cards and place 1 on top of each mini-deck; put the rest back in the box.
  27. Shuffle all of the mini-decks individually.
  28. Stack these mini-decks on top of each other to form the main Player Deck, placing smaller mini-decks on the bottom
    1. [Hinterlands Challenge] Place the Hinterlands die on top of the Infection deck
  29. Players look at the City cards they have in their hand.
  30. The player with the highest City population goes first