Setup for 4 Player a Game of PowerGrid Deluxe

Originally generated on 3/31/2018 4:41:38 PM
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Player Setup

Turn Order Starting
Red 1 (Starting player) $50
Green 2 $50
Yellow 3 $50
Purple 4 $50

Map Setup

North America
Orange - South
Red - Mideast
Tan - Midwest
Purple - Mexico

Resource Setup

Coal  fill spaces 2-9  
Gas  fill spaces 3-8  
Oil  fill spaces 4-9  
Uranium  fill space 9  

Market Setup

  1. Seperate the DARK and LIGHT backed power plant cards
  2. Shuffle DARK backed power plants together
  3. Deal 8 onto the market spots on the board sorted in numeric order
  4. Set aside the top card of the DARK stack for later
  5. Shuffle LIGHT backed power plants together
  6. Remove from the game without looking at them:
    • 1 card(s) from the DARK stack
    • 3 card(s) from the LIGHT stack
  7. Shuffle the remaining DARK and LIGHT stacks together
  8. Set the Step 3 card face down under the combined deck
  9. Place the DARK card set aside earlier on TOP of the combined deck
  10. Set the deck in appropriate spot on the board

Other Setup

End of Step 1 - place white bar between cities  6 & 7  
End of game - place black bar between cities  16 & 17