Setup for 6 Player a Game of Power Grid Deluxe

Originally generated on 9/18/2022 1:04:11 PM EST
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Player Setup

Player Holding Turn Order Starting Money
Blue 1 (Starting player) $50
Purple 2 $50
Green 3 $50
Yellow 4 $50
Red 5 $50
Gray 6 $50

Resource Setup

Coal  fill all spots in boxes 2-9  
Gas  fill all spots in boxes 3-8  
Oil  fill all spots in boxes 4-9  
Uranium  fill all spots in box 9  

Initial Resources

Use this resource refill card
Resource Setup Card

Market Setup

 1 Seperate the DARK and LIGHT backed power plant cardsCardsCards
 2 Shuffle DARK backed power plants togetherCardsCardsCards
 3 Deal 8 onto the market spots on the board sorted in numeric orderCardsCardsCardsCards
 4 Set aside the top card of the DARK stack for laterCardsCardsCards
 5 Shuffle LIGHT backed power plants togetherCardsCardsCards
 6 Shuffle the remaining DARK and LIGHT stacks togetherCardsCardsCardsCards
 7 Set the STEP-3 card FACE-DOWN on the BOTTOM of the combined deckCardsCardsCardsCardsCards
 8 Place the DARK card set aside in step 4 above on TOP of the combined deckCardsCardsCards
 9 Set the deck in appropriate spot on the board deckCards

Other Setup

End of Step 1 - place white bar between cities  5 & 6   5   6
End of Game - place black bar between cities  13 & 14   13   14

North America Map Setup

Regions IN Play Midwest West Coast Mexico Western Canada South
Regions NOT in Play Northeast Mideast      

Base Map Northeast not in play Mideast not in play