Setup for 3 Player a Game of Puerto Rico

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Setup Summary
- 3 Players
- Including Base game & Expansion 1
- Players staring with Corn plantations start with 1 less Doubloon.
- The price (and location) of the Factory and University have been swapped.

Game Setup

Victory Points Reserve 75 VPs
Colonist Reserve 55
Starting number of Colonists on Colonist Ship 3 Colonists   3Colonists
Cargo Ships 4 hulls   5 hulls   6 hulls
Roles Settler   Builder   Mayor   Craftsman   Trader   Captain
Plantation Tile Stacks (4 stacks + Quarries) Plantation tile stack   Plantation tile stack   Plantation tile stack   Plantation tile stack   Quarry tile stack
Number of Plantation Tiles & Distribution 50 (all) - Corn 10, Indigo 12, Sugar 11, Tobacco 9, Coffee 8
Number of Quarry Tiles 8 (all)
Number of Goods Barrels & Distribution 50 (all) - Corn 10, Indigo 11, Sugar 11, Tobacco 9, Coffee 9

Player Setup

Turn Order Starting
Starting Doubloons
Indigo 1
Indigo DoubloonDoubloon
Corn 2 Indigo DoubloonDoubloon
Sugar 3 Corn Doubloon

Building Setup

* The Factory and University's prices have been swapped.

1 Quarry Discount 2 Quarry Discount 3 Quarry Discount
Small Indigo Plant Large Indigo Plant Tobacco Storage
Small Sugar Plant Large Sugar Plant Coffee Roaster
Aqueduct Guesthouse University
Construction hut Office Harbor
Black market Large market Factory
Small warehouse Small wharf Union hall
4 Quarry Discount
Customs house
City hall
Guild hall