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Setup for 1 Player a Game of Return to Dark Tower

Originally generated on 11/18/2023 11:45:24 PM EST
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Easy Coop (Base + Alliance)

Player Setup

Player Character Kingdom Companion Guild Advantages
1 Orphaned Scion North Grigor the Unbreakable Paladins Order - Side A
in the North kingdom's Sanctuary

Rank 1: n/a
Rank 2: Amani the Vizier
Rank 3: Sanzhar the Zealot
Rank 4: Omar the Healer
+1 Magic
+2 Wild in Mountains
+1 Wild with empty buildings
4 Total Advantages
-   East Arcane Scouts - Side A
in the East kingdom's Citadel

Rank 1: n/a
Rank 2: Haraswa the Pegasus
Rank 3: Oola the Nomad
Rank 4: Berat the Wizard
-   West Druids Circle - Side A
in the West kingdom's Village

Rank 1: n/a
Rank 2: Burgoyn the Herbalist
Rank 3: Xyr the Oracle
Rank 4: Ruska the Barbarian
-   South Thieves Guild - Side A
in the South kingdom's Bazaar

Rank 1: n/a
Rank 2: Maxim the Beast
Rank 3: Ema the Grand Merchant
Rank 4: Lukas the Plunderer


Level Foe Required Advantages Spawn Locations(s)
2 Oreks Melee
Hills *

* most likely
3 Lemure Magic
Forests *
Mountains *

* most likely
4 Dragon Melee
Hills *

* most likely
5 Ashstrider Magic
Grasslands *
Mountains *

* most likely

Advantage Report

Advantage Needed by Foes Covered by Heroes Guild Companions
Beast Yes Available at Rank 2
Magic Yes Yes Available at Rank 3
Melee Yes
Undead Yes
Wild in Deserts Yes
Wild in Forests Yes Available at Rank 2
Wild in Hills Yes
Wild in Mountains Yes Available at Rank 2
Wild with empty buildings Yes

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