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Setup for 3 Player a Game of Return to Dark Tower

Originally generated on 2/23/2024 11:03:01 AM EST
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Easy Coop (Base)

Player Setup

Player Character Kingdom Companion Advantages
1 Orphaned Scion South Yana the Assassin +1 Magic
+2 Wild in Deserts
+1 Wild with empty buildings
4 Total Advantages
2 Brutal Warlord North +1 Melee
+1 Wild during Move
+1 Wild in Battle
+2 Wild in Mountains
5 Total Advantages
3 Relic Hunter East +1 Humanoid
+2 Wild in Hills
3 Total Advantages


Level Foe Required Advantages Spawn Locations(s)
2 Spine Fiend Magic
Grasslands *

* most likely
3 Frost Troll Humanoid
Mountains *

* most likely
4 Dragon Melee
Hills *

* most likely
5 Isa the Exile Humanoid Deserts

Advantage Report

Advantage Needed by Foes Covered by Heroes
Beast Yes
Humanoid Yes Yes
Magic Yes Yes
Melee Yes Yes
Wild during Move Yes
Wild in Battle Yes
Wild in Deserts Yes
Wild in Forests Yes
Wild in Hills Yes
Wild in Mountains Yes
Wild with empty buildings Yes

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