Setup for 2 Player a Game of Vinhos

Originally generated on 3/23/2023 8:25:44 AM EST
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Setup Summary
- 2 Players
- 2010 Rules
- Including Base game

Player Setup

Player Color Turn
Purple 1 10 First to select initial Vineyard
Blue 2 12 Last to select initial Vineyard
After initial Vineyards are selected, immediately adjust turn order according to the Vineyards selected.

Region Setup

These regions are used in this game. All others should be covered.
# Region Name
1 Trás-os-Montes NOT USED Region not used
2 Minho Minho
3 Douro Douro
4 Dão NOT USED Region not used
5 Ribatejo Ribatejo
6 Lisboa Lisboa
7 Setúbal Setúbal
8 Alentejo Alentejo
9 Algarve Algarve

Other Setup

Item Starting
Cellars 5
Wineries 8
Farmers 4
Enologists 7
Renown Cubes all