Food Chain Magnate Map Tile Lettering Key

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Food Chain Magnate Each map tile has been assigned a Letter.
Use this key to assign letters to your
physical tiles to make it easier to read
the generated maps.

Mark each tile with its assigned letter in
the LOWER-LEFT corner so it's easy to match
the tile rotations.
Tile A   Tile B   Tile C   Tile D

Tile E   Tile F   Tile G   Tile H

Tile I   Tile J   Tile K   Tile L

Tile M   Tile N   Tile O   Tile P

Tile Q   Tile R   Tile S   Tile T

Understanding Path Codes

Each path is assgined a unique code that relates to the tile it is on and its entry and exit side.
When tiles are aligned such that the image on them is upright, then cardinal directions are assigned to each side (North, South, East, West). Then each perumatation of path is found and is assigned its entry and exit points. Opposite direction paths are ignored.
West Tile A East    

Unique Paths

West to North = AWN
West to East = AWE
West to South = AWS
North to East = ANE
North to South = ANS
East to South = AES

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